Les mots de liaison


As : comme

Because/ because of : à cause de

For : car

Since : puisque

Owing to / due to + Nom : dû à

Due to the worldwide economic crisis, the sales of jeans stopped.

Because of…………………………….

Since / as the economic crisis hit the world, the sales of jeans stopped.




As a result

As a consequence


This company sells more and more cars as a result As a consequence / So / Therefore its profits plummeted.

Exprimer la CONDITION

Provided that :

As long as  } pourvu que

Unless : à moins que

otherwise : sinon/ autrement

As long as businesses exist, so will marketing and the need for fresh ideas from marketing professionals

China will have to reduce its carbon footprint otherwise it would no longer be part of G20 summit.

Unless China reduces its carbon footprint, it won’t be part of the G20 summit any longer.

Exprimer le CONTRASTE

Whereas / while : tandis que

unlike : contrairement à

on the one hand : d’une part

on the other hand : d’autre part

 Whereas 22.8 % of young people in the EU are currently unemployed, youth unemployment exceeds 50 % in some Member States.

22.8 % of young people in the EU are currently unemployed while youth unemployment exceeds 50 % in some Member States.

Unlike Germany, Greece has an extremely high youth unemployment.

Exprimer la CONCESSION

Although/ though : Bien que

Even though / if : même si

Despite + nom

In spite of + nom } malgré

Nevertheless : néanmoins

However / Still / Yet: cependant

Although few analysts view a complete dissolution of the EU as likely, the future shape and character of the Union are being increasingly questioned .

Despite/ in spite of lower rates, people do not want to invest money in real estate.

Interest rates remain low however/ nevertheless people do not invest money in real estate.(immobilier)

Exprimer le BUT

In order to / to + verbe : pour

In order not to + verbe : pour ne pas

So that + sujet + verbe

Companies outsource their manufacturing units in order to take advantage of cheap labor

Companies outsource their manufacturing units so that they can take advantage of cheap labor

Ajouter une IDEE, un FAIT

In addition + nom : en plus…

In addition to + verbe : en plus de …

moreover / furthermore : en outre

Besides : d’ailleurs

In addition, since discrimination can take many forms, many women face multiple discrimination

In addition to sexual harassment, women face other forms of discrimination.

Women face sexual harassment. Moreover they suffer from other forms of discrimination.

Exprimer le TEMPS

As : lorsque

As soon as : dès que…

When : quand

While : pendant que

Until/ til : jusqu’à

Once : une fois que

They won’t launch their advertising campaign until the products are available.

We will let you know as soon as possible where our products are available.


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