Présenter une vidéo à l’oral


1-Introduction : comment présenter la vidéo.

Nature : This video is a documentary on / an interview of / a report on+ nom / an advertisement

Source : This video was broadcast on CNN / was taken from / was released / was published by CNN

Date : It is dated March 9th 2016 / It dates back to May 15, 2016 / It dates from 2016

Thème : It focuses on / It deals with / It reports on / It raises the issue of ../ It tackles the issue/ the problem of … / It addresses the issue of … (traiter du problème de …)


2-Parler du contenu de la vidéo :

In this video, we can see two people talking / discussing about…

In this video, the journalist declares that…. / claims that / argues that …/ comments on...

In this video, we learn that…/ we are told that… (on nous dit que…)


3-Structurer son discours avec les mots de liaison (voir liste)

First, then, therefore, since, because,and, but, as a consequence ….


4- Pour conclure :

As a conclusion, we could say ….

To conclude, we could add that….


5-Donner son point de vue :

As far as I’m concerned, I think thet..

In my viewpoint, …………..

It seems to me that….

I agree with …./ I disagree with


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