Se présenter à l’oral



NAME I’m…………./ My name………………………..
AGE I‘m…………….. years old / I‘m……… .
DOB / POB I was born on (mois), (jour)in (année) in (lieu)

ex :I was born on December 15th1998 in London

Address I live in (ville ou pays) with my parents.

I live on my own (tout seul)

Parents’job My mother is a nurse / housewife

My father works as a bus driver

Brothers and sisters I have a younger(+ jeune) sister and an older (+ vieux) brother. I’m an only child.

I have a sister who is 23.

I have a sister and a brother who are both 15. They are twins. (jumeaux)

Last school attended / Education Last year I attended Paul Duez High School

I was at Paul Duez last year

I repeated my year 13 (terminale)

Qualification I got / obtained my A’levels / my BTEC in social studies, economics,trade
English I’ve been learning English for 8 years / since 1998 My English level is fair/ quite good / bad.
Second language I began learning Spanish 4 years ago.
Future plans I would like to carry on my studies with a BA (licence) / I would like to apply for a BA after my BTS
Future job Later, I’d like to be a (métier)
Hobbies I’m interested in playing badminton / horseriding

I’m fond of rollerskating

I’m keen on watching series / chatting online

Countries visited I’ve already been to England / Switzerland / Belgium only once(1 fois), twice(2 fois)
Type of music I enjoy listening to / I listen to pop music


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