Cover Letter


What is a Cover Letter ?

une lettre de motivation est envoyé avec le CV (resume en anglais américain et CV en anglais britannique). Elle doit donner toutes les informations vous concernant: parcours scolaires (diplômes), expériences professionnelles, compétences diverses (niveau de langue et informatique)

General Advice and Usage

Une lettre de motivation doit tenir dans une page maximum et se composer de 4 paragraphes maximum.
La présentation doit être conforme à l’usage anglais et aux règles typographiques de l’anglais. (voir modèles de lettre)
NE PAS TRADUIRE une lettre en français
UTILISER le correcteur orthographique en le réglant sur « English »
Mister, Mr, Ms et Miss doivent être obligatoirement être suivi du nom de famille de la personne.
En ce qui concerne les lettres qui suivent l’usage britannique:
Si la lettre commence par: Dear Ms / Mrs / Mr James ……(on connait le nom de la personne) conclure avec: Yours sincerely,
Si la lettre commence par: Dear Sir or Madam……………( on ne connait pas le nom) . conclure avec: Yours faithfully,
NE PAS UTILISER les CONTRACTIONS  (can’t / gonna/ wouldn’t )


1st paragraph: indiquer clairement la raison pour laquelle vous écrivez

 I am currently / presently a first year student in a programme leading to a Master’s in Agriculture where I am attending, xxx and yyy courses.
 I am writing on behalf of xxx who suggested I contact you as I am very keen on doing a 6-week internship with you (July-August 20xx).
 As part of my studies I am required to carry out a 6-week work placement in order to ……
 I am looking for a 6-week internship between July and August 20xx as required by my school programme.
 I am writing to express my interest and enthusiasm for the opportunity to do a work placement with your company.

2nd paragraph: Dites pourquoi vous êtes motivé et ce que vous pouvez apporter à l’entreprise

Même si vous n’avez pas d’expérience, vous pouvez parler de vos compétences de communication, vos compétences informatiques, de votre disponibilité et votre capacité à vous adapter à toute situation professionnelle.

 I intend on majoring in xxx and working with your university would be a perfect place to….+ personal reason
 I have already worked in a professional environment and therefore have an idea of the commitment and enthusiasm a trainee needs to have. I am a quick learner and have good skills in xxx and yyy which could be useful to you. I could, for example, zzz…
 I am quick and flexible, which are both qualities needed to be an efficient first-time trainee in a professional setting. I have good computer and language skills that could be of use to you. I could, for example, xxx…
 I am eager to put my accumulated theoretical knowledge into practice and have a first professional experience in your company where I could, for example, help in different departments.
 Selling fruit and vegetables on an open market has taught me how to be flexible and think on my feet and this experience will surely help me be an efficient trainee.
 I have studied xxx and yyy at school and look forward to putting this knowledge into practice for your company where I could, for example carry out a study for the European Union market.

3rd paragraph: En conlusion, remercier la personne et donner lui envie de vous contacter

 I would be grateful to have the opportunity to discuss the possibility of an internship / work placement in more detail
 I hope you will look favourably on my application and I remain at your entire disposal for all questions and an interview at your convenience
 I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you will look favourably on my application


My Address

My email / phone number

November 21st, 2016

Resource Manager
Smart Media
New York


RE : Application for an internship position


Dear Personnel Manager

The posting for a Marketing Intern as listed on caught my attention because of Smart Media’s excellent reputation as a leader in the marketing industry. As a student in International trade, I am required to complete an internship in an international company in order to graduate. I would be delighted to contribute to successful completion of your business objectives. My background includes an excellent academic record as I continue to pursue my degree in Marketing from Fenelon College.

I had been working on a number of academic marketing research projects for last two semesters, through which I developed insight of consumer buyer behavior and current marketing trends. Through my class presentations and group discussions, I have developed strong communication and persuasion skills, which would help me work effectively with internal and external customers of your company. I am a skilled user of MS Excel and Word. In addition, I am expert in maintaining marketing campaigns through social media. In addition, I am familiar with Adobe CS6, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

While my enclosed resume outlines my experience, I welcome the opportunity to discuss Smart Media’s needs and how my background may be beneficial. I look forward to learning about the next steps in the selection process and assure you that my commitment, enthusias will be a significant value to your team. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


My name




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